Developer diary #6: You reap what you sow

Good morning wasteland warriors, I can see a few more have come to heed my words of wisdom. My name is Mark and I am your wasteland guide – my job is to keep you alive out in the Wastes, warning you of the many, MANY dangers out there. Today we talk about the faction of savages who terrorise the Wastes, the very uttering of their name is enough to strike fear in the hearts of most. Today I will tell you the tale of the Reapers…


Very few survive an encounter with Reapers, and some that do wish they did not as the scars of what they have witnessed cut deep into their minds and nightmares. The Reapers represent all that is wrong with our world: barbaric and cruel, they have shunned a more civilised path to satisfy their base needs. The Wastes affect us all differently: those counted amongst the Reapers are sadistic and violent who kill for greed, for pleasure, for sport, and for food. They are ritualistic, eating the flesh of their enemies to gain their strength and adorning their vehicles with what remains: crude trophies as testament to their fighting prowess.

Reapers do not recognise authority: strength and power is what they obey. Only the strongest and most aggressive Reapers can control the horde, and if they show any sign of weakness they will be challenged for control. Reapers regularly fight amongst themselves, and it is not unheard of for groups to be reduced to a handful of warriors when things invariably grow out of control. They would gladly watch as the world burned, then they would turn on each other. Fuelled by insatiable appetites and the pleasure of killing, they are rightly feared.

I hope I have made the threat they present clear – they are aggressive and to be avoided at all costs. Should you become a target of their attention I only pray that you have enough rounds to kill them all. I would recommend however leaving aside a bullet for yourself, which would be a small mercy given the alternative….

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