The Factions of Wreck and Ruin

There are countless different groups out in the wastes with different goals and agendas, but there are 4 main factions which you are likely to come across. Each faction has different tactics associated with them, reflected in their faction cards – powerful actions you can play to tip the odds in your favour. One is drawn at random from the deck for your chosen faction, but who will you choose?


The slang term for salvagers – groups of men and women who scour the wasteland looking for lost technologies and supplies to continue their meagre existence by repairing their equipment. Resourceful and hardy, they have been brought together by necessity, using safety in numbers. They are represented by blue components and they suit players looking to outlast the fight or generate more resources.


The wastes are a harsh and unforgiving place, and mankind has been pushed to the brink. These men have looked over the edge, and have been forever changed. They believe in the power of man, to such a degree that they believe they can gain that power by eating another man’s flesh. Their vehicles are adorned with the bodies of their victims, crude trophies of their strength. Brutal and violent, they are rightly feared. They are represented by the red components, their faction powers suit aggressive playstyles.


Not all men struggle out in the wilderness, our ability to adapt and even thrive in our environment is the true strength of the human race. Living a simpler existence, these nomadic tribes are adept at surviving the harsh wasteland. They have tamed many of the wild beasts to help them with everyday life – as food, as transport, and as weapons. They rarely seek out confrontation, but atop huge beasts, they are not to be trifled with. They are represented by the yellow components, their faction powers manipulate the Wasteland itself to aid their cause.


Mankind’s last city is under constant threat, and these are the men and women who dedicate themselves to its protection and will readily give their lives for the cause. Commonly found outside of the city gates protecting their borders or seeking out new supplies. They have access to the most advanced technology, but with all equipment being so rare, each loss is keenly felt. They are represented by the green components, their faction powers use advanced technology to aid in their mission.