The World

Wreck and Ruin is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, decades after an unknown world-changing event. Nobody alive knows exactly what happened, but mankind was almost decimated and the face of the planet forever changed. What remains is known as the Wastes.


This is the name given to the barren and inhospitable wasteland beyond Ruin’s walls and is littered with the corpses of many a wastelander who was ill-prepared to face the world in all its savagery. The world is bleak, and there are few signs of civilization. Most of mankind’s achievements have been buried under the sands of time, and any still visible are shadows of their former selves. Some roads are still visible and make travelling a bit easier, but they rarely stay clear with the constant threat of shifting sands to cover them. On foot a person would not survive long, so vehicles are used primarily as transport and shelter. This has led to factions appearing, nomadic groups who are constantly moving in the battle to survive. Everything in this world will try to kill you, be it the inhospitable terrain, the dangerous weather conditions, or the many wild beasts which have adapted to wasteland living and are always seeking out their next meal. And let us not forget of course the other factions, who perhaps have a jealous eye on your vehicles and supplies, or purely because they enjoy the thrill of the hunt…


The city now known as Ruin began only a mere few decades ago, an insignificant amount of time compared to its age, built before the world changed. Originally made as an army bunker during the days of the old world, the project was never completed and therefore lay derelict, ironically created to protect mankind from this kind of future. It was accidentally discovered by a passing convoy looking to seek shelter from an incoming ion storm. Being of solid concrete and powered by its own generators, these men and women began to see the building’s potential: With the space, the supplies, and the technology it quickly became apparent this was their best chance of survival. This became their new home, and slowly they began to unravel some of the secrets locked within this tomb of old world relics. As time went on more drifters appeared and were welcomed into the fold. And so the city of Ruin was born…

Nowadays the inhabitants of Ruin are no longer confined to the concrete bunker – welcoming any refugees from the perils of the wastelands, its borders are constantly expanding. The city is protected by a large concrete wall and is guarded by the Ruin army; brave men and women who repay their debt to Ruin by giving their lives staving off the everyday bandit raids and the occasional starving or overly curious beast. Mankind is going to need all the help it can get if it is to continue to survive in these harshest of times…


There is not much in the way of plant life in the Wastes, evolution has driven them underground. The creatures which live in the Wastes do not resemble any creatures shown in the ancient texts in the great libraries, their appearance more closely resemble dinosaurs than the animals held in the zoos of the old world. They too have evolved to deal with their habitat – from the Wulfhounds which resemble huge dogs, to the Rhinax which are armour plated behemoths that can easily topple vehicles with their thick skulls and razor-sharp horns. Both man and beast have learnt to co-exist without too much interaction but attacks are not unheard of.


The wastes are littered with the wrecks of burnt out vehicles, and any buildings still standing can yield lost technologies. Money no longer exists, instead the people of the Wastes trade any items they come across. This has formed a loose currency called salvage – nothing in the Wastes is junk, and anything which cannot be used as is either repaired or re-purposed to create powerful pieces of equipment which can be used when needed to improve their chances of wasteland survival.