Developer diary #5: A world in Ruin

Greetings fellow Wastelanders, I’m glad that you have managed to survive another week in the big bad world. My name is Mark, your wasteland guide, arming you with knowledge to fight for survival in the Wastes. I have heard many of you talk in hushed tones, whispering as if saying it aloud would destroy its very existence: yes, there is a safe haven for travellers, refugees and those with no hope. The only known city in the Wastes – Ruin. A military complex constantly expanding due to the numbers of people appearing at its fortified gates, its protection is arguably paramount to the survival of our race. Today I don’t want to talk about the city of Ruin. Today I talk about its protectors – the Ruin army.

The Ruin army is made up of men and women much like yourself who have needed a place to call home. There is no greater honour than to give back to the community by signing up to join the army – a deadly and demanding job where each day could be their last. From simply keeping the peace within Ruin itself, to guarding its borders from starving beasts and marauding gangs hell bent on death and destruction, danger is in the job description.
The most seasoned soldiers are sent out into the Wastes to complete a variety of tasks. These can be supply runs, exploration, or the elimination of potential threats. These soldiers are highly trained and are capable of making split-second decisions. Brilliant tacticians, they can deal with any situation as it arises. They have access to the most advanced technology that Ruin has to offer: body armour to protect themselves, heavily armed and armoured vehicles to complete their missions effectively, and advanced weaponry to deal with any threats with extreme prejudice. With the technological marvels of Ruin at their disposal they are ready to lay down their lives in the service of Ruin.
I hope this sheds so light on the most advanced force in the Wastes, and hopefully one day you will find yourself under their protection. And if you fire first, be prepared for the consequences! As always be careful out in the Wastes, and if you’ve been paying attention then maybe, MAYBE, you may just survive til next week….

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