Developer diary #4: Nature’s fury

Desertkin warrior


Welcome wasteland warriors! I am Mark, your Wasteland guide. Last week I asked who you would like to hear about and only 1 – ONE – warrior was brave enough to step forward: Ross Bingham. He showed growing concern of the Desertkin encampment just south of his cottage compound so today we will shed some light on these enigmatic nomads. Friend or foe? that is up to you to decide…
The Desertkin have shunned what we would loosely call ‘modern’ technology, opting instead for a simpler existence. Technology is rare and therefore valuable, causing much unnecessary bloodshed; the Desertkin avoid much conflict by being self reliant. Living conditions are hard in the Wasteland with violent and unpredictable weather and terrain, and a man on foot would quickly disappear without a trace. In order to survive they have formed a symbiotic relationship with many of the wild inhabitants that roam the sands, supplying each other with food and strength in numbers. Desertkin rarely become involved in the squabbles of other factions unless their way of life is threatened, and should not be provoked if possible.
When the Desertkin ride into battle, the very ground shakes as they approach and many opponents are sensible to flee given the chance as what they see next strikes fear in their hearts. Desertkin have been raised in the wild with some of the largest and most fierce creatures the Wastes contain: quick and deadly vultox capable of spitting corrosive acid that burns through metal in seconds. Sand lizards with regenerative capabilities that can cauterize wounds on themselves and others. The mighty Rhinax, tonnes of muscle and sinew with a solid skull evolved to send flying any enemy it chooses to charge. These beasts are deadly in themselves, but add to that the Desertkin’s ability to co-ordinate these behemoths and ride them into battle, they become unstoppable.
If you see the Desertkin then it is probably too late; they are only seen when they want to be seen. Be respectful to them and their laws and you may just come out alive.
I hope this has helped educate you in the Desertkin ways, but do not hesitate to contact me if you find yourself staring down an angry Rhinax. And whatever you do, make no sudden movements…

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