Developer diary #3: wasteland warriors


Back for more, eh? Knowledge is power, and without power the Wastes will swallow you whole and leave nothing but dust: there’s no good looking corpses here! Welcome, I am Mark the all-seeing (patent pending) and it is my task to guide you through the wiley Wastes…

I’ve talked about me, and I’ve talked about the Wastes, but who would live in a world like this? It is a harsh and unforgiving hell: plant life is practically non-existent and surface water is scarce, breaking the barren surface from its subterranean hideaway and disappearing just as quick. Surviving alone is impossible- your only real chance is to join a convoy.

With no cities or towns to call home, small groups roam the Wastes in the search for purpose: for some that is basic needs- food, shelter, water. For others that is preying on others, taking by force what they want and sating their appetite for violence. There is no clear way of knowing how many people there are but there are no doubt countless roving bands out there- people who stick together and share common goals, ethos, or mentality. Large groups have identities and reputations- the factions.


Our story follows 4 of these, each with their own agenda:
The Salvoes- everyday people whose purpose is to survive one day to the next, scouring the Wastes for salvage to trade for supplies.
The Reapers- aggressive and violent, they leave a trail of death and destruction in their wake. They are ritualistic cannibals with insatiable appetites.
The Ruin Army – warriors that have created a settlement in the hopes of rebuilding mankind and reclaiming lost knowledge. Protectors of the ‘city’ of Ruin, an abandoned military structure now home to any who seek refuge, They defend their way of life with the technology they uncover.
The Desertkin – those who have embraced the harshness of the world and have adapted to co-exist with it. They have tamed many of the mighty beasts which roam the Wastes, using them both as cattle and as mighty steeds to fend off any threats.

I’m afraid that’s all we have time for, but over the next few weeks I’ll talk about them each in Greater detail: who would you like to hear about? Which faction will you join?

Stay safe out there, and hopefully you will make it through to next week’s survival guide…

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