Developer diary #7: Salvaging our relationship


Good morning warriors, I can see that some of you managed to find some caches of chocolatey goodness yesterday! You, in the back – the one with the helmet on – you’ve still got it all over your face. My name is Mark, your wasteland guide, here to warn you of the horrors I have witnessed out in the Wastes. Today however is not all doom and gloom: today I would like to tell you of the Salvoes….

The Salvagers, or Salvoes as they are known, are a group of people trying to eke out a living from the barren wasteland. Masters of re-purposing any technology that they find, they can break down any item to improve their own systems, trading what they don’t need for food, water and ammo. Their vehicles may look ramshackle as more salvage is discovered and attached to them, but they are actually some of the best kept vehicles seen these days.
Salvoes tend to avoid conflict as they travel as families and have their children to think of, but do not take this as a sign of weakness: they will fiercely defend their own and fight to collect resources to ensure their survival. Their uncanny ability to turn any seemingly useless piece of junk into unique items at the right time has turned the tide of many battles. Add in to the mix their repair skills and their effectiveness as a team and they will outlast their opponents.
So have heart fellow warriors – there are still good people out in the Wastes. But do not confuse their kindness with weakness or you may find yourself alone in the Wastes with a vehicle stripped down to the chassis, and, if you’re lucky – a pair of boots still on your feet….

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