Base game & resin promo minis


The Wreck and Ruin base game for 2-4 players. Everything you need to play the game in all its glory!

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Everything you need to play, all in one box:


  • 20 highly detailed vehicle miniatures
  • 10 double-sided hex board tiles to create any map you want
  • Round tracker tracks how far into the game you are, and also doubles up as a map overview
  • 16 faction cards, 4 for each faction
  • 70 flame tokens – 50 orange track damage, 20 black to show wrecked vehicles
  • 24 Action point(AP) tokens
  • 40 Salvage site tokens to be won on the battlefield
  • 5 positive/negative effect tracker tokens
  • 2 special vehicle tokens, summoned by certain faction cards
  • 24 event cards
  • 56 unique salvage cards
  • 20 dice – 5 colour coded to each faction
  • 1 quick setup guide
  • 4 player guides

1 A4 rulebook containing information about how to play, the wasteland world, and the background on the factions.


Also comes with 2 resin 3D-printed miniatures to replace the rhinax/drone tokens, and 1 promo event and 1 promo salvage card

NOTE: 3D printed minis are printed with supports while they are being made. Whilst every effort has been made to remove these, there may be small bumps where they were attached – nothing that a little light sanding wouldn’t fix though!

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 39 × 26 × 9 cm


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