Developer diary #8: Buckle up, this will get bumpy…

Good afternoon wasteland warriors, there are even more new faces round today’s campfire! My name is Mark, and I will be your wasteland guide: help yourself to some freshly barbequed rhinax, grab a seat and I will tell you about the most important survival tool in the Wastes – a sweet set of wheels….
Most vehicles out in the Wastes are unique, cobbled together from whatever salvage can be found to keep them roadworthy, but they all fall into the 4 different vehicle sizes:
Size 1: Scouts. The smallest of all vehicles, scouts mainly consist of bikes, quads, and vehicles of similar size. They are very agile, capable of covering vast distances and navigating obstacles with ease. They are capable of making weak attacks whilst on the move, but their agility comes at a price: to keep weight down and speed up they have flimsy armour and only the lightest of weapons. They cannot ram anyone as this would surely be suicidal. Each convoy is equipped with 2 of these units.
Size 2: Buggies. These are your jack of all trades – capable of taking on any role, they are reasonably fast, armed and armoured. Where they excel though is repairing: all crews have a basic understanding of vehicle maintenance for when they break down, but buggies are the only units capable of repairing friendly units whilst they are on the move. In a life or death situation (which is pretty much all the time in the Wastes) they can prove to be invaluable and are worth protecting.
Size 3: wreckers. As the name suggests, these armoured juggernauts exist for one purpose – to destroy everything that stands in their way. Hardest to destroy, bullets ping harmlessly off its thick steel plates as it comes at you without so much as slowing. Capable of short bursts of speed for maximum impact, they plough into their targets with their modified front rams, sending the flaming wreckage hurtling across the Wastes.
Size 4: Big rigs. The largest vehicles on the road, they are the command centre for each faction. They are slow, but these lumbering giants are capable of dishing out a load of damage and also absorb it too. Many special attacks can only be triggered by big rigs, and are immune to the effects of others. Light vehicles do not slow them down, and any too slow to move out of the way are quickly crushed beneath their hulking weight. They have a dedicated mechanic onboard to try and keep it running as it makes its way across the Wastes, keeping it in the battle for longer.
So now you know your choice of vehicles – each has their own strengths and weaknesses so knowing when to use the right vehicle can be the difference between survival and destruction. Until next week – stay safe, and keep your ride in peak condition…

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