Developer diary #10: Last action hero

Good afternoon Wasteland warriors, I hope the sun is shining where you are; nobody likes to be in the shadow of a lightning storm! My name is Mark and I am your Wasteland guide, here to help you survive one more week. Today’s topic is action points, and how to use them: without them you’re a sitting duck….
Action points are your life-blood in the game. Every turn you have 5 to spend on commanding your vehicles, but how you choose to use them is up to you. No single vehicle can win the battle on their own however: a vehicle can only use 2 actions points(AP) per turn, and they must be different actions. What are the actions? I’m glad you asked! Each will cost you 1 action point to complete:
-Moving: Each vehicle can move a certain distance – the lighter the vehicle the further it can travel. Scouts can move 8 hexes whereas big rigs can only move 4. Turning to face a new direction will cost one of your moves, so planning where you want to go in advance is important. Vehicles can also full-throttle their engines to try and move further, but you risk overheating if you push too far!
-Attacking: It would be rude if all those weapons were just for show, so each vehicle can attack anyone up to 3 hexes away. Your attack value shows how many dice you roll when attacking an enemy. What do you need to roll? The target has an armour score, every roll equal or greater inflicts damage. Rolling a 6 causes 1 damage and allows you to roll again. One die is all you need if you’re lucky enough!
-Ramming: post-apocalyptic vehicle violence at its greatest – ram an adjacent vehicle. The attacker rolls the number of dice equal to their armour and so too does the target, but they lose dice if they’re rammed in the side or from behind! It is resolved like attacking but the amount of successes are added to that vehicle’s size then the scores are compared. This means there is a high potential for damage, but also shows that heavier vehicles have an advantage.
The last 3 actions still cost action points but do not count to a vehicle’s 2 action limit:
-Search for salvage: spend an AP to take a new salvage card.
-Attempt to repair a wreck: vehicles are wrecked when they take too much damage. As long as they are still on the board they can attempt a repair.
-Bring a vehicle back on the board: Any vehicle can be brought back on the board after it is removed. It will cost an action point to remove 1 damage and you can spend as many as you like, but can be quite expensive! The vehicle is set back up in the setup area but cannot be used for anything else that turn.
This gives you an idea of how the core mechanics of the game work, only you can decide how to use them depending on the situation you are in. They always refresh in the next turn so don’t be afraid to spend them. Feel free to ask any questions you may have – I just hope you have enough actions left to survive til next week!

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