developer diary entry #1: the origins backstory

Developer diary entry #1: the origins backstory

I’ve decided to track my journey with wreck and ruin, my first game project. Each week I plan to explain a bit more about my thought process; my journey. Come with me, I will be your wasteland guide…

For those of you who don’t know, my name is Mark and I am the creator of Wreck and Ruin. My education ended when I left school so no degree in art, design, game design or anything of the sort. I played Space crusade and Warhammer 40k growing up, but fell away from it. Moving back to my mums house 2 years ago brought with it a wave of nostalgia, and a quick search on ebay showed WOW: the industry had boomed since I last looked! And so my gaming obsession was born.
You’re probably thinking “playing games is one thing, but how do you go from there to making one?”. Every gamer has thought about it: a new scenario, house rules – you’ve created a new iteration without even realising it.
My story starts January 2016: I’ve played fallout 4 to death and need to unplug myself for a bit. I have a dream which I can no longer remember but I get up early that morning and start to write; not with the intention of making a game, but purely to stimulate the brain a bit. The first thing I write is the background story of a wasteland world no longer dominated by mankind. Then I decide to write about who would live in this world, and what drives them: what defines them. With cities destroyed the remnants of mankind need shelter, and means of transport too – that’s where the idea of roving convoys came from.
The world of Wreck and Ruin has been created – next step is the rules of the world….

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