Developer diary #9: Setting up the board – the ever-changing wasteland

Hello warriors, old and new! My name is Mark and I am your wasteland guide, here to tell you about the wasteland we call home. Why does it always change? Because it’s more fun of course!

It has been 16 months since I first started this project. Those of you who have been there from the start, or have spoken to me will know that re-playability is a big deal for me: if you know a map inside out, you know how to beat it; how to work it to your advantage. I want to create a game that you don’t just play once – I want you to play it again and yeah, you’ll know how to play the game, but there will be new challenges in play. So I decided to create a play area made of 7 tiles, each of these can be placed together to create any map you can think of. Being double-sided, this means there are 14 possible faces which can be flipped, rotated, set up whatever way takes your fancy that day! So what makes the tiles different? Let’s talk about what is on them.

Setup areas: There are 4 of these for when you have the ultimate in vehicular violence happening. Only 3 players? 2? Simply flip them over and place the number you need in the right places, then use the remaining tiles to complete your map.

Rocks: the Wastes would be boring if it was just sand stretching as far as the eye could see! Rocks are impassable hexes and have a red hex border. You cannot enter these hexes, and they block movement and line of sight.

Water: bubbling up from subterranean caverns, water is rarely seen on the surface but when it does it can make travelling quite difficult. Water is a hazard, marked by orange hex borders. Water blocks movement but not line of sight so feel free to stay on one side and attack your enemies on the other. Be careful though – you can’t move into it, but sometimes you can end up in there with a well-placed nudge! If you end up in water it can be very difficult to get back out so just be careful!

With tiles containing one, or both kinds of obstacles, how you create your map will change how players cross the Wastes. The fight will move about though, so what helped you hide from your enemies can be the thing stopping you from winning later on!

I look forward to see the maps that all my warriors come up with!

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