Developer diary #12 – The hand of fate

Another week out in the Wastes, and I’m glad to see you all made it back! And mostly intact- mostly. My name is Mark, your wasteland guide, and I would like to welcome our newest warriors – come grab a seat by the campfire and I will tell you of wondrous powers and terrifying storms: the card decks.

I always knew I wanted cards in the Wastes- some secret information: tools and weapons that you could use at the right time to turn the battle in your favour. Wreck and Ruin features 3 different type of cards:

FACTION CARDS: each faction has 4 unique cards which symbolise the beliefs and core values they represent. The cards are your most powerful weapon in the game – you will take one at random at the start of the game and when it’s used it is gone for good so timing is critical. Want to get a feel for each faction’s powers? Reapers are violent and aggressive, their cards deal death and destruction. Salvoes are hardy, their cards allow improve their survivability and their ability to gain resources quickly. The Ruin Army command the most advanced technology, capable of tactical strikes where they are needed most. The desertkin use their mastery over the wasteland to call upon the aid of beasts that do their bidding.

EVENT CARDS: The wasteland is an unpredictable place fraught with danger, which this deck represents. At the start of each round a card is drawn and that will affect each player in turn. Maybe you are lucky and clear skies improve your movement; or maybe a lightning storm threatens to melt metal and flesh alike. You are all at the mercy of the cards, the only good thing is that everyone else is affected too!

SALVAGE CARDS: these unique cards are collected as you explore the Wastes gathering salvage sites and represent the lost technology buried under the sands of time. Some help your own faction, others allow you to hinder your opponents. They are free to use, all you have to do is decide when! Perhaps you will use armour piercing rounds to inflict double damage. You may be a stunt driver that can jump over occupied hexes. There are no duplicates so you know when you have it that nobody else does – all you have to do is pick the right time.

Aaaand that is the 3 cards types – which are you most interested in? Do you prefer to play conservatively or to jump in all guns blazing? I’m sure you’re already leaning towards a faction that suits how you would play, am I right? That’s us for another week – remember to be safe! and if you can’t be safe, make sure you bring more guns to the fight than your opponents…

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