Developer diary #11 – By a point or a landslide: winning’s winning

Good evening wasteland warriors, sorry for being so late but I can still make you out by the dying embers of the fire. My name is Mark, your wasteland guide, and I will tell you the secret of the Wastes. Throw another log on the ashes of its brethren and I will tell you how to win…
We’ve covered how to set up, how to use your vehicles so perhaps now would be a good time to tell you how to win! All factions require salvage to barter for much needed supplies, those with the most will have their fill of food and water to see out many days in the harsh wilderness. The best place to find salvage is at salvage sites: areas of technological importance from a time long forgotten, buried under the sands of time. The landscape changes from day to day as the weather moves the sand around, sometimes revealing a site with promises of technological riches. Glinting under the relentless sun, they can be seen for miles- and not just by you of course!
Players must capture the most sites by the end of the game to be declared the winner. 4 salvage sites are placed on the central tile at the start of the game but new ones will appear in new locations as they are captured – there will always be 4 to play for. To capture a site, a player must land on the site token which will begin flipped to its red side. It will then be flipped to its green side at the start of the next player’s turn, and if they fail to contest it by damaging that vehicle the token will be awarded; if damage is caused then the site is still contested by being flipped back to red and will then come to the next player again to maintain the pressure. A vehicle will occupy a site until it is either moved off it, it is awarded, or it is destroyed!
All sites still green are awarded at the end of any given turn to the forces who occupy them and they also receive a salvage card for their efforts (but more on that next week). The player’s last duty is to place new tokens to replace those captured: the tile they are placed in is randomly determined, but they can decide where within that tile it sits: maybe they make it easy for themselves to collect in the next turn; maybe they make it difficult to reach. Maybe they place it within reach of the enemy to draw their vehicles away! All are valid tactics.
With 4 to play for at all times, the battle will constantly move and open up new opportunities to collect more sites. Will you have the most sites collected when the dust settles? Will you be the champion of the Wastes? Only time will tell my friend, but I can assure you no matter what that you will have a good story to share around this very campfire…

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