The vehicles

There are many different variations of vehicles out in the wastes, made from whatever they can scavenge on their travels. Every vehicle falls into one of these four categories:

BIG RIGS: Your command centre, these hulking behemoths are slow to move but can dish out a lot of damage and soak up attacks with ease too. It can fire in a 360° arc and is capable of repairing itself. Looking after these can be the difference between victory and defeat.

SCOUTS: The fastest of all the vehicles, this speed comes at the cost of less armour. This class is primarily made up of bikes and ATVs and vehicles of similar size. Good for seizing objectives or chipping away at your enemies’ defences. They are easily wrecked but easy to repair too. They can turn on the spot and attack mid-move for free.

BUGGIES: Your standard 4×4 sized vehicle, kitted out to cover a variety of roles. Although not as fast as scouts, they are better armed and armoured. They can repair other vehicles so they come in quite handy!

WRECKERS: The meanest vehicles on the road, these juggernauts are built to destroy anything in its path. Their job is to ram everything else off the road. They are fitted with the best armour available and are capable of short bursts of speed that help them to close the gap to their target.

All four vehicle classes have their own strengths and weaknesses, but strategic use of your entire convoy can be the difference between victory and defeat!