The game components

The game is made up of a number of different components which make up the unique Wreck and Ruin experience:

  • The vehicle miniatures –¬†factions are¬†colour coded so players can read the board at a glance.
  • The board tiles – double-sided interchangeable tiles which ensure no two games are ever the same. Set them up how you wish, and make sure to adjust your tactics to your environment.
  • The event deck – The Wastes are as unpredictable as they are deadly. The event deck contains actions which can change the face of the board, and can help, but mainly hinder, your plans! They do not affect only the active player, and events stay in play until a new one replaces it.
  • Faction cards – each faction has a unique feel, and these cards reflect that. Only one can be played per game, but are powerful and unique to the aspirations of each faction.
  • Salvage cards – powerful pieces of equipment which can be found as players traverse the Wastes. Single use actions that can boost your own vehicles or disrupt your opponents plans.