Taking a turn

So you’ve been patiently waiting for your turn to come, watching as your opponents rain fiery death upon your vehicles, their manic laughs drowning out the dice rolls. Have you decided how you plan on taking your revenge? Let me help you….

Every turn plays out the same. First any event in play is resolved, whether you revealed a new one or the previous card is still in play. Then you take your Action points and use them to move, shoot, or ram with your vehicles. Only 2 actions can be played on a single vehicle, and they cannot be the same action. You can use any of your faction abilities or salvage cards to take special actions – just remember that your opponents can do the same too!

Combat is dice driven, with all the information you need to know on a handy player guide: how many dice to roll, how easy it is to cause damage – simple to use that will throw you right into the thick of the action from the start!

You must use your actions to occupy salvage sites, whilst also stopping the previous player from scoring theirs. Occupied sites turn green the end of a player’s turn, giving your opponent a chance to contest it before it scores,with any still green at the end of any turn being awarded. How do you stop this from happening? Damage an occupying vehicle will flip a token back to red, meaning it won’t score. An even better tactic though is to use a larger vehicle to ram, pushing the occupier out whilst simultaneously taking it for yourself!