How to play

Games are played over a series of 6 rounds, where players must strategically control their faction to complete their objectives. Players can select which scenario they wish to play, which faction to control, and how the board is set up. The options give almost limitless combinations ensuring no two games will ever play out the same.

Every class of vehicle has statistics which dictate how far they move, how strong their attacks are, how good their armour is. Dice rolls are made and compared against stats to determine if the action is successful or not. Strategic positioning also boosts your chances – shooting players in the back and ganging up is not only sensible, it is actively encouraged!

Players have access to both faction cards which are unique to them, and also salvage cards which can be collected as the game is played. Both allow players to boost their own vehicles or mess with their opponents plans. Cue the finger pyramid of evil contemplation…..